Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Hostel Diary : Stepping into the new shoes

"Beta achar ka dabba bhulna matt!!".. And that was the first strum to my new hostel life. Before hitting to the hostel weird thoughts ran through my mind. Stepping into a single room home, sharing bathrooms and thoughts of ragging ran chill in my mind and to the moment I realised why brides cry during there bidai. As such I didn't got any bidai, or I would have cried too.

To my surprise the first day at hostel didn't came the way I thought of it, and specially not like the way the portrayed it in the movie 3 idiots. Ragging was extinct, like the sati was abolished in colonial india except there was no Raja Ram Mohan Roy here.

Room 316, studded in bold letters above the door. The fact that I have to spend next years of my life with 3 stranger people was no different then getting your rishta fixed for arranged marriage, only difference was we didn't have to share bed.

With utter curiosity I touched the door knob, and opened the door. My new roomates stared me as if I was some alien creature. "Welcome, I am Deepak", one of the chap gesturing for hand shake moved towards me. Thick layer of oil on his head was enough to fry egg for morning breakfast, and his thick glasses made him look like typical bookworm. "I am Karan" said the second guy, I moved towards the third guy, instead of introducing himself he said " Bhai, bag mei kuch snacks hai ?? " and thats how I met Shiv.

                                                                                          -To be continued